Community Collection

Dont use your leaves like thisWe all want to live in a clean, safe, environmentally-friendly neighborhood, but what to do with all those leaves, brush, lawn clippings, garden trimmings, and other yard waste items?

We canʼt just throw it away–it is illegal to put such yard waste in landfills (at least in Minnesota and Wisconsin).

We mustnʼt just burn it up–smoke from smoldering leaf piles contains very high concentrations of atmospheric pollutants. At the very least, the smoke is annoying to many of our neighbors. Many communities have placed an outright ban on burning such material.

We shouldnʼt just put it in a pile–unless our goal is to save such material for our childrenʼs children! A static, inactive pile of leaves left unattended will stay in its original condition for years and years.
The best solution, of course, is composting! However, nothing is free in life, and even a simple, ecological, process like composting comes with a significant investment in labor, equipment, site preparation, transportation, and management.

The Backyard Composter:

Anyone can set up a backyard compost site. It is a relatively easy and inexpensive proposition–just build a pile of yard waste, stir in some water, and thoroughly mix it up several times a month–a year or so later, voila! Compost! But, do we all really have the time, energy, and know how to do it right?

The Community Compost Pile:

Many local community leaders have suggested initiatives to establish a compost site accessible to residents to both drop off material and pick up some compost. A good idea, perhaps, but once we start to significantly increase the size of the leaf pile we also significantly increase the cost of properly managing that composting operation. In fact, any compost pile greater than fifty cubic yards must comply with the DNRʼs solid waste regulations. So, do we really want to increase our local tax- supported budget with the cost of obtaining permits, site preparation, material collection, regulatory compliance, and management of a composting operation?

Let the Compost Kings take care of your local communityʼs lawn waste needs!

  • DNR Approved!
  • 20 years of composting experience — we do it right!
  • Private enterprise — not subsidized at the taxpayerʼs expense
  • Ecological — Compost Kings provides a valuable service to local communities and produces an all natural, soil enriching, carbon sequestering, environmentally friendly product available to consumers at a fair price.

Communities like the Village of Dresser in northwestern Wisconsin have had a very successful working relationship with the site for many years. Residents are happy because they have a place to take their leaves, garden debris, and lawn clipping, village maintenance crew are happy because they donʼt have to add compost management to their already overly extended work list, and administrators are happy because they donʼt have to oversee an additional department and know theyʼre getting the most out of their budget money!

Contact us right away to make arrangements for your community!

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